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No teachers – a lot of pupils

At the ”Tell us…” blog we were three schoolclasses in grade 5, from three different countries having a four month exchange. This meant that we constantly had about 80 authors

Use the Web ? ….Yes, why not!

Internet has opened up new possibilities for teachers to
communicate and cooperate far beyond classroom walls,
actually even across the globe, in their daily efforts to
support their pupils development.

”Use the web” will be the main theme for this blogsite.
It will focus on teaching english as a foreign language in
the elementary classroom.

The intention here is an exchange of good ideas, experiences,
interesting links and useful online resources. Hopefully you’ll
find some inspiration by the examples from other teachers to
develop and enrich your ongoing work with the children.

Feel free also to share your thoughts and to contribute with what you’ve found succesful in your own class. Everything that can make language learning more motivating and alive will surely be appreciated by others.

You’re welcome to use either the Comments sections or you can register as an Author (see below) for your contributions to this blogsite.


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